CIV300 Test 1 Solutions to Post -Fall 2013(2)

A 750 wm 2 b 75 wm 2 c 675 wm 2 d 375 wm 2 e

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Unformatted text preview: fferent bodies of sea water MUST have the following properties if they are to exist in a stable state at the same depth in the ocean: (a) They have the same salinity only (b) They have the same temperature only (c) They have the same salinity AND temperature (d) If differing salinity and temperature result in the same density (e) None of the above ANS: D -2 11. 750 Wm of solar energy falls onto a frozen lake whose surface has an albedo of 0.9. What is the resulting solar energy that is absorbed by the lake? (a) 750 Wm -2 (b) 75 Wm -2 (c) 675 Wm -2 (d) 375 Wm -2 (e) 342 Wm -2 ANS: B -1 -1 12. On a neighboring planet, the land has a specific heat capacity of 2,000 Jkg 1k while the -1 -1 ‘ocean’ has a specific heat capacity of 1,000 Jkg 1k . If a ship were to sail on that ocean on a hot, sunny afternoon, which direction would the wind carry the ship? (a) Parallel to the coast (b) Away from the land no wind (e) None of these (c) Towards the land (d) There will be ANS: B 13. Which of the following affect the depth of permafrost in the arctic lands of Canada? (a) Ground thermal conductivity (b) average air temperature (c) amount of solar gain (d) amount of snow coverage (e) all of these ANS: E 1...
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