Lecture 4-5 Work, Energy

Control mass l has a set of properpes that can be

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Unformatted text preview: l༆  A definiPon of energy? It is a quanPfiable property of a material, but not something you can ‘hold’. ‘an indirectly observed quanPty’. l༆  Energy is the capacity of a body or system to do work More generally stated… l༆  More generally put, this is known as the Law of ConservaPon of Energy l༆  Energy is neither created nor destroyed, but only changes form. l༆  So in the case of ΔQ = ΔU + ΔW as pertains to the historical work, the energy remains the same but is transferred from heat energy to work. Some Basic Concepts/Conceptual Framework l༆  Thermodynamics describes how systems change when they interact with one another or with their surroundings l༆  Confusion somePmes results from the definiPon of systems and their boundaries l༆  So there i...
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