Lecture 4-5 Work, Energy

G combuspon which turns this into heat forms of

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Unformatted text preview: c process. In a cyclic process the iniPal and final states are the same. l༆  In other words, all of the properPes of the state are “reset” to their iniPal values, although a lot of things may have happened in between. l༆  We may think of a year’s worth of weather as a cyclic process A Stable vs. Unstable Process Ways the State can Change? l༆  Spontaneous e.g. radioacPve decay l༆  Induced e.g. a change to the control mass Stable States •  Generally only one stable state per system: •  E.g. Once H2 and O2 turn into H2O nothing more is going to happen without input from elsewhere – from the environment in other words. •  With a controlled mass there are not a lot of different ways that we can affect change of a stable state – in fact there are three: Changing a Stable State… Or genera4ng an unstable state for a period of 4me…. 1.  You can add photons – can change the temperature or, perhaps, electronically excite an atom or molecule and start a new che...
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