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Lecture 4-5 Work, Energy

L we then have a carnot cycle as the rst statement of

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Unformatted text preview: rk’, heat was created l༆  “An Experimental Enquiry Concerning the Source of the Heat which is Excited by FricPon” l༆  James Presco] Joule (1845) observed & quanPfied mechanical energy turning into heat l༆  Sadi Carnot defined work as the useful effect that an engine or motor can produce: Ped it to liding a weight against gravity A bit of Historical DistracPon… l༆  Rudolf Clausius "In all cases in which work is produced by the agency of heat, a quanPty of heat is consumed which is proporPonal to the work done; and conversely, by the expenditure of an equal quanPty of work an equal quanPty of heat is produced.” l༆  We then have a Carnot Cycle as the first statement of this as relates to combusPon….. The First Law of Thermodynamics l༆  Carnot described the link between temperature change and work (with work defined per Carnot as liding a mass) l༆  ΔQ = ΔU + ΔW where Q = energy, U = temperature, W = work l༆  i.e. the change in energy is sum of the changes in work and temperature...
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