Lecture 10 Water as a Major Energy Carrier

2 m3sec run o 09 m3sec rain 05 m3sec st lawrence

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Unformatted text preview: d ice/ permafrost 0.9 Lake Vostok Lake Ontario.... Niagara River - 5.8 m3/sec Welland Canal – 0.2 m3/sec Run Off - 0.9 m3/sec Rain – 0.5 m3/sec St. Lawrence River – 7.1 m3/sec EvaporaZon – 0.4 m3/sec Lake Ontario – 1,640 km3 Annual Turnover – 236.5 km3 Lake turn over in 6.9 years EvaporaZon EvaporaZon l༆  “Chasing Clayoquot” – David Pi` Brooke Humidity l...
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