Lecture 6 Energy Exchange & Winter

063m or about 25 is this correct l correct air is an

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Unformatted text preview: = 5 months x 30 days x ΔT, l༆  5000 = 150 x ΔT l༆  ΔT = 5000/150 = 33, or an average of - 33°C l༆  Passes the sniff test? l༆  Look at the thermal conduc?vity Thermal Conduc?vity l༆  Thermal conduc?vity is defined as the quan?ty of heat (Q) transmiged through a unit thickness (L) in a direc?on normal to a surface of unit area (A) due to a unit temperature gradient (ΔT) l༆  Thermal Conduc?vity λ = Q × L / (A × ΔT) where Q = heat, L = depth of material A = surface area, ΔT = temperature difference Material Thermal Conduc2vity (λ) Water 0.57 Ice 2.24 Sandy Soil 0.3 Rock (granite) 1.7 approx. Snow 0.05- 0.25 Ice Forma?on on...
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