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Lecture 6 Energy Exchange & Winter

On parcularly the percentage of water present l

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Unformatted text preview: a?on l༆  Once freezing begins we will get a number of shapes, dependent on temperature, humidity condi?ons and what’s going on in the cloud l༆  Why shapes? Our old friend hydrogen bonding in water generates prevalence of hexagonal pagerns – same with ice l༆  Rain is more oren than not snow that’s melted once the air warms up Dry snow…. l༆  Temperature is too low so that any compression won’t lower the freezing point. Wet Snow Effect of Pressure & Transforma?on l༆  With water, pressure decreases its freezing point, unlike most materials i.e. instead of freezing at 0°C, you need - 1 or - 2…..thus allowing you to make a snow ball or a snow man So /How do you get from Snow to Ice? l༆  Called firn A Prac?cal Effect l༆  You wax a ski to get grip l༆  New fallen snow - 1°C to - 7°C (30°F to 19°F). l༆  Transformed fine grained snow - 3°C to - 10...
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