Lecture 10-12 Water as a Major Energy Carrier

G 5pm to 11pm 1 find out the average temperature

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Unformatted text preview: ParZal Pressures) l༆  E = Actual Vapour Pressure l༆  E* = Saturated Vapour Pressure 26 SaturaZon Vapour Pressure Curve E* is the saturated vapour pressure 27 Psychrometric Chart 28 Key Items l༆  Chart has a bewildering range of potenZal measurements l༆  Focus on dry bulb, wet bulb, relaZve humidity, dew point, humidity raZo, enthalpy l༆  Psychrometric Chart provides a graphic relaZonship of the condiZon of air 29 Wet Bulb l༆  Wet Bulb temperature relates relaZve humidity to the dry air temperature (Dry Bulb) via the energy, or Enthalpy (kJ/kg) - a measure of how it feels l༆  A direct measure of the ability to evaporate – and therefore cool – a thermometer. The higher the RH, the less the ability to evaporate and cool l༆  The drier the air the more rapid evaporaZon on a thermometer the lower the wet bulb. OR the moister the air, the closer dry bulb to wet bulb. l༆  Dry Bulb Temperature (deg C) = Web Bulb temperature at 100% RH 30 Wet Bulb Temperature Measurement 31 Toronto Design Day l༆  ASHRAE states we need to meet 27oC dry bulb / 21oC wet bulb l༆  Equates to 27oC / 61% RH 32 Melbourne, FL Design Day l༆ ...
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