Lecture 16 The Coriolis Force(1)

L if we release a balloon 6 rotawng frame of reference

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Unformatted text preview: ern hemisphere due to Coriolis force. WRON G!! l༆  We know about Newtonian mechanics: F=ma, inerWa, conservaWon of linear and angular momentum l༆  We put down a bag and it remains in the right place l༆  If we jump up and down…. l༆  If we release a balloon…… 6 RotaWng Frame of Reference l༆  Why does this maCer? Because air and water aren’t aCached to land! 7 The Speed of the Earth? l༆  To make things worse, as you always suspected, things move more quickly in Miami. 8 9 R r r = Rcosφ V = 2rπ/24 Velocity at the equator…. REarth = 6,370km Circumference = 2π x 6,370 = 40,000km (approx.) One rotaWon in 24 hrs (again approx.) VEarth =distance/Wme VEarth = 40,000/24 = 1,667kmh- 1 10 Velocity at 43 degrees of laWtude…. Ractual = Rcosφ = 6,370 x cos 43deg Circumference at 43 deg of laWtude = 2π x 4,660 = 29,280 km (approx.) One rotaWon in 24 hrs (again approx.) VEarth =distance/Wme VEarth = 29,280/24 = 1,220 kmh- 1 11 l༆  So if when you jumped off the Earth’s surface you jumped north (or south), doe sit have another effect? l༆  You will have advanced if you...
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