Lecture 16 The Coriolis Force(1)

L l 24 because the centrifugal force generated due to

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Unformatted text preview: of rotaWon φ = laWtude ω has two components, a verWcal and a horizontal one. Velocity is composed of the original velocity “v” as well as the component of velocity due to the rotaWng frame of reference. 19 To an observer in an inerWal frame, absolute velocity is defined as: (m s- 1 ) Centrifugal acceleraWon Change in velocity relaWve to fixed Earth Coriolis acceleraWon Coriolis Force 20 •  So the higher the laWtude the greater the force •  The faster the velocity the greater the force •  Force proporWonal to mass (as usual) 3 Golden Rules of Coriolis Force 21 As viewed from the direcWon of original moWon 1)  —༉  —༉  Northern Hemisphere: deflecWons towards right Southern Hemisphere: deflecWons towards le< 2)  Faster an object moves, greater the deflecWon 3)  Tendency to deflect is max at poles, zero at equator —༉  Cross product of angular velocity and local velocity vector [source 1] 22 Why Does it MaCer? l༆  Hurricanes l༆...
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