Lecture 16 The Coriolis Force(1)

Observed from an internal stawc plane in a rotawng

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Unformatted text preview: jump further north if you are north of the equator l༆  If you jump south, you’ll be a bit further back 12 North- South movement 13 North- South movement 14 •  Earth surface velocity varies at different laWtudes •  As the cloud moves northward, its horizontal velocity becomes larger relaWve to the velocity of the surface below it As a result, it is perceived by the ground to have deflected towards the east(NH) •  •  Same result, but this Wme west(SH), when in fact it is the ground that is moving away The Coriolis Force 15 l༆  Describes the movement of objects over a rotaWng surface l༆  A ficWWous force observed from an internal (staWc) plane in a rotaWng frame of reference where an object is apparently veering away from its original path The Coriolis Force 16 1)  Merry Go around...
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