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Lecture 24 - Tsunami Waves

5 data for a tsunami l wavelength 100 200 km l period

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Unformatted text preview: / 20 = 1,500m therefore it’s a shallow water wave 4 Speed of a Shallow Water Wave l༆  Speed of shallow wave = √gd where d = depth of water l༆  Or C = 3.1√d l༆  In typical ocean where d = 3.8km, l༆  C= 3.1 x √3,800 l༆  C = 191ms- 1 l༆  ….or 688kmh- 1 l༆  Why? The deeper the ocean, the less the fricMon…. 5 Data for a Tsunami l༆  Wavelength 100- 200 km l༆  Period of 10 minutes to 2 hours, frequency of 6 to 0.5 per hour l༆  Results in a speed of 600kmh to l༆  Height in the deep ocean – typically 0.3m – barely noMceable l༆  BUT ulMmate velocity governed by ocean depth l༆  C = 3.1√d 6 So Why the Big Waves? l༆  The period of the waves do not alter...
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