Lecture 13-15 Atmospheric Instability

2m condensaaon nucleus 20m cloud droplet 2000m rain

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Unformatted text preview: rises in the right condiAons 25 CondiAonal Stability 26 What Forces the Lij? l༆  Heated Surface 27 What Forces the Lij? l༆  Topography 28 What Forces the Lij? Weather fronts 29 What forces the lij? Colliding air 30 Thunderstorm FormaAon l༆  FormaAon of clouds due to an unstable air condiAon and the presence of a heat source from below 31 l༆  hkp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kapTREk0gXg l༆  hkp://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=Ra- CzDlCr7s&feature=endscreen l༆  hkp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQQ1kGHBdJ8&feature=related 32 Primary Cloud Driver l༆  Heated Surface example l༆  Condensing air mass l༆  Why doesn’t the cloud fall? 33 Normal Cloud FormaAon 1.  As it does, air rises above the dew point again so moisture re- absorbs 2.  MOSTLY that weight of droplet due to gravity does not overcome the uplij due to air around it 34 Thunderstorm FormaAon l༆  Warm, moist air mass rises unAl it hits the dew point l༆  What happens? Release of energy. l༆  What does the energy do? ConAnue to promote instability via change in temperature. l༆  ConAnues to rise unAl T1=T2 35 CharacterisAcs of a Thunder Storm l༆  Heavy rain l༆  Heavy winds l༆  Hail l༆  Tornados l༆  It comes….then it goes 36 Heavy Rain - FormaAon l༆  l༆  37 FormaAon of rain due to condensaAon nucleii When moisture condenses out, forms a droplet 0.2μm condensaAon nucleus 20μm cloud droplet 2,000μm rain drop l༆  Cloud consists of huge numbers of droplets, supercooled l༆  50% of a cloud’s moisture is water, not...
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