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What is the air pressure caused by a column of air

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Unformatted text preview: ed to a thunderstorm. The downdraft is caused by: CIV300 Terrestrial Energy Systems, 2013F Test 2 Question Sheet 3 (a) High pressure air forming high up in the cloud resulting in a pressure gradient (b) Heavy rain entraining a flow of air (c) Air compressing and warming as it falls (d) Centrifugal forces ANS B 14. What is the air pressure caused by a column of air 20km in height with an average density = -3 0 0.6 kgm and an average temperature of 0 C? (a) 117.6 kPa (b) 101 kPa (c) 47kPa (d) 101 Pa ANS A PART B 1. a) Explain how an approaching cold front can result in the formation of cumulonimbus clouds when a mass of warm, high humidity air is present. You may also use a diagram. (2 marks) ANS 1. Cold air is denser so will move to displace (go under) the warmer air forcing it upwards. That air then hits the dew point resulting in in cloud formation. b) Describe the conditions in the atmosphere that will result in the ‘runaway’ vertical growth of the resulting cloud (1 mark) ANS. Atmosphere must be unstable (environmental la...
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