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Test 2 Marking Scheme to post

B if the relative humidity of the detached air mass

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Unformatted text preview: ass of temperature = 40 C detaches from the Earth’s surface and o begins to rise. If the environmental lapse rate is 8 C per 1,000m, and the environmental air CIV300 Terrestrial Energy Systems, 2013F Test 2 Question Sheet 4 o temperature at ground level is 30 C, at what altitude will the air mass cease to rise? Assume the air mass remains unsaturated as it rises.(2 marks) ANS 5,000m. – detached mass loses approx.. 10C with every 1,000m in altitude (adiabatic lapse rate). The environmental lapse rate is 8C so the temperatures meet at 5,000m in altitude. b) If the relative humidity of the detached air mass at ground level...
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