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Lecture 25-26 Earth's Structure(1)

L detractors said that such movement should leave

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Unformatted text preview: s Pangaea) and, over Hme, had driied apart. •  Others had hypothesized it but he proposed a mechanism for it – more on that later. 9 Wegener also proposed this Hmeline Other evidence for ConHnental Drii 10 •  Mountain Ranges that line up •  Fresh Water 11 RepHles such as Mesosaurus lived 300 to 250 million years ago but their fossils are only found in south Africa and the Southern part of South America •  Clearly not capable of swimming thousands of km in salt water. ExplanaHon for ConHnental Drii l༆  Wegener proposed that heavy conHnents were slung towards the equator on the spinning Earth by centrifugal force and that this inerHa coupled with the Hdal drag on the conHnents from the combined effects of the sun and the moon would account for this “conHnental drii.” l༆  Detractors said that such movement should leave “wakes” or “tracks” through old seabed but none were observed. l༆  He was dismissed as a “crank” by most and his mechanism was wrong but his theory was actually right (though not the centrifugal part)… 12 l༆  Probably the main reason for not believing in Wegener’s theory was that Earth’s mantle was believed to be solid, since it would have to be to support suc...
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