Lecture 25-26 Earth's Structure(1)

L the earths surface consists of 12 lithospheric

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Unformatted text preview: east dense of the materials that the Earth is made of 38 IsostaHc Equilibrium Support 39 Mountain floats on top of the mantle like a boat floats on top of the water. It displaces a volume of mantle proporHonal to the weight of the mountain – Archimedes Principle 40 l༆  Earthquakes were what started to revive interest in Wegener’s theory of conHnental drii l༆  In 1935, Japanese scienHst Kiyoo WadaH speculated that Earthquakes and volcanos near Japan were associated with conHnental drii. l༆  By 1940, there was enough seismological data that it was clear that Earthquakes occurred in preferred zones. l༆  Hugo Benioff, in 1940, mapped out the locaHon of deep Earthquakes in the region of the...
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