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---------------------------------------------------------------------- English: Last updated 2013/01/21 This is the forth release of the Russian spellchecker dictionary. It consists of three parts, words of "General usage" (ru_gen4.dic), "Physics" (ru_phys4.dic) and "Proper names" (ru_names4.dic) wordlists. In comparison with the previous edition, prepared by Lev Melnikov, support of Russian letter "io" has been added in conformity with recommendations of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. The dictionary is provided AS IS without any warranty. Feel free to copy, use, distribute, abuse or delete this dictionary in any way you wish. I tried to verify it to my best, still if you find something that you believe is an error or an omission, please contact me. To avoid breeding of various versions of this dictionary please do not disctribute your versions of the dictionary under the same names. The dictionary assumes Unicode (utf8) encoding adopted in WinEdt 7+. Translation to other encodings seems to be obvious (you can find a lot of translation tables on the net).
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