Backtomonoglutamate glutamylhydrolase folate storage

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Unformatted text preview: g) Transportinplasma Primarytransportform   5 ­Methyl ­THF   Mostly(>50%)boundtoalbumin  Cellstakeupmonoglutamate formandconvertitto polyglutamateformforstorageanduseinenzymes  Peripheraltissueuptake Cellstakeupfolateviareducedfolatecarrier(RFC) RFCisacell ­surfacetransmembraneproteinthat transportsfolateoptimallyatpH7.4 Cellscanalsotakeupfolateviafolatereceptors Folatereceptor1(folatereceptor ) Folatereceptor2(folatereceptor ) Processinvolvesreceptor ­mediated endocytosis 10 1/7/2014 Folate carriers RFC PCFT uni ­directional protoncouplingallows concentrative transportoffolatesat acidicpH similaraffinityfor reducedfolatesand folicacid playsprimaryrolein folateabsorption bi ­directio...
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