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Essay 1-Analysis

Essay 1-Analysis - The Misconceptions of Language The way...

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The Misconceptions of Language The way one speaks has a significant effect on the way we perceive them as a person and also how we express ourselves. Language can evoke positive or negative outlooks about other people, specifically people of culture. Throughout Amy Tan’s, “Mother Tongue,” Tan uses ethos and pathos to describe her mother’s cultural language differences and illustrates how it has caused them both pain and resentment among their society. She uses ethos to develop a relationship with the audience and pathos to emotionally connect us with her story so she gains trust and sympathy from her readers. Both of these conventions work together to exemplify the guilt and frustration that she once felt about her mother. In doing this, her audience also experiences guilt, which causes them to feel sympathetic towards Tan and her mother, and ultimately is what draws all readers to this text. When Tan describes her mother’s language as “broken English,” she uses pathos to show how it limited her perception of her. In doing this, we as the readers can see how she felt which makes us feel sorry for her. She talks of being ashamed of her mothers English, because the quality of “her English reflected the quality of what she had to say.” (44) Just because someone comes from a different culture or back round, does not mean they are unintelligent or lack insightful thoughts. She uses another example of how her mother’s English not does reflect her intelligence when she says, “she reads the Forbes report, listens to the Wall Street Week , converses daily with her stockbroker, reads all of Shirley MacLaine’s novels with ease—all kinds of things I can’t begin to understand.”
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(44) Tan uses pathos to establish this relationship with her audience, which is what makes the readers feel sympathy for her mother. The examples Tan uses is what draws attention to a wide audience because they evoke frustration and guilt among the readers. We live in
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