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Though it is not directly said it is highly

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Unformatted text preview: dreams could I stomach letting my parents down. Therefore, I’ve settled with meeting their academic standards and my rebellious nature, but never have I satisfied my life’s desires. For this paper: 1. Intro: Introduce and define existentialism. Make purpose of essay apparent. Thesis and outline of paper. 2. Living for today and not tomorrow’s satisfaction. (Into the Wild) 3. If one feels there is no purpose, what do they do to enhance the meaning of life.? Where do they turn? What propels them forward? (Personal Experience) 4. What makes people feel strength for a better tomorrow? What makes them have faith something extraordinary will come soon? (Waiting for Godot) 5. For those who made a life changing mistake, what brings them back to reality, and gives them hope for a new beginning? (San Quentin Prisoners) 6. Conclusion: Recap on the main points. End with a shebang....
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