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Study Sheet - Here are more late entries for the study...

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Here are more late entries for the study guide (I hope I haven't forgotten anyone). There will also be at least one ID on the exam concerning what is assigned for next week. ID's: 1. "The first of these in man lay at the top of the head. Here, when he was born, was the soft spot, kopavi, the "open door" through which he recieved his life and comunicated with his Creator. For with every breath the soft spot moved up and down with a gentle vibration that was communicated to the Creator. At the time of the red light, Talawva, the last phase of his creation, the soft spot was hardened and the door closed. It remained closed until his death, opening then for his life to depart as it had come." -Book of the Hopi, p. 9-10 2. You have done wrong. Because you helped to create these people and have aided them in all their emergences, we have allowed you to remain young and beautiful. But now because you have disobeyed our wishes I am going to let your own thread run out. We are not going to cut it off. Just let it run out until you are an ugly old woman." -Book of the Hopi, p. 40 # 14 3. "'I dreamt,' said Gudrun, ' that many of us left my bower together and saw a huge stag. He far surpassed other deer. He hair was of gold. We all wanted to catch the stag, but I alone was able to do so. The stag seemed finer to me than anything else. But then you shot down the stag right in front of me. That was such a deep sorrow to me that I could hardly stand it. Then you gave me a wolf's cub. It spattered me with the blood of my brothers.'" - Saga of the Volsungs, p. 77 4. The first people knew no sickness. Not until evil entered the world did persons get sick in
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Study Sheet - Here are more late entries for the study...

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