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Unformatted text preview: EAK ENGLISH reflexive pronoun regular verb An object pronoun which refers to the subject. A verb which follows standard rules for verb conjugation. (see also "irregular verb") relative pronoun A pronoun whic h relates or links a subordina te clause to a main clause. (see "word order") sentence structure simple past singular social register stem Appendices subject subject pronoun subjunctive mood A verb tense used to express completed actions in the past. It is most commonly used in w riting. The “simple past” is the same as the “preterite.” Refers to one of something. The language that is appropriate to a particular subject, person, and occasion. The basic form of a verb or a noun after all prefixes, suffixes, and endings are removed. A word or group of words within a sentence that perform the action denoted by the verb. A pronoun whic h functions as the subject of the sentence. A mood which expresses uncertainty, possibility, a hypothesis, a condition, a hope, a w...
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