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1 where did you put the book i put on the table 2 did

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Unformatted text preview: ld take took taken write wrote written 38 Shared by www.itdunya.com ITDunya.com Great Learning Urdu Web Forum Come and join us for more...... Contact us: [email protected] www.itdunya.com Chapter 10 EXERCISES Placement of Object Pronouns Answer the question using the appropriate object pronoun (it, them, him, or her). 1. Where did you put the book? I put _______ on the table. 2. Did you see your friends? Yes, I saw ________. 3. Did the lawyer give you the envelope? Yes, ___ gave ___ to ___. 4. Is she leaving you her estate? Yes, ____ is leaving ____ ____ estate. 5. Did you see Mary today? Yes, ___ saw _____ today. 6. Did they leave the estate to John? Yes, _____ left the estate to John. 7. Where did you meet Ann? I met _____ in Atlanta. 8. When did you give the gifts to John? I gave _____ to _____ on Monday. 9. Did he give you the check? No, _____ didn’t give _____ to me yet. 10. Where did you buy the T-shirts? I bought _____ at a flea market. 11. Did you see their son? No, ___ didn’t see _____. 12. Did Jo...
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