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10 i know shes not having her phone messages

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Unformatted text preview: hen she wakes up. 2. I will be heading north in two hours. 3. We had been driving for four hours when we ran out of gas. 4. I had been waiting for an hour when the attorney arrived. 5. By now they have been flying for three hours. 6. I have been thinking about renting an apartment. 7. Thanks for helping. I have been trying to find the Smithsonian for an hour. 8. When he retires, he will have been working here for fifty years. 13. When he arrives, he will have been traveling for three days. I have been thinking about you all day. I had been cleaning the house when you arrived. He had been washing clothes for an hour when I called. Mary likes this place. She has been renting this apartment for a year now. Chapter 19 Using “May” and “Might” 1. I don’t think she’ll study now, but she might study later. 2. He was going to take the train, but now he might take a car. 3. They were going to drive to New York, but now they might drive to Washington. 4. Well, he won’t check your brakes,...
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