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11 lets take a look at apartment 12 did

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Unformatted text preview: idi@itdunya.com www.itdunya.com Chapter 12 5. Will you show me the ____________ apartment.? 6. We need ____________ chair in the study. 7. I saw ____________ supermarket down the street. 8. Did you see the refrigerator in the ____________ apartment? 9. There is ____________ two-bedroom apartment with utilities included. 10. Is the ____________ grocery store nearby? 11. Let’s take a look at ____________ apartment. 12. Did you see the ____________ desk in the study? 13. The ____________ half bath is beside the kitchen. Troublesome Verbs Choose the correct verb to complete each sentence. 1. The moon ____________. (to rise; to raise) 2. The farmer ____________. chickens. (to rise; to raise) 3. ____________ the glass down on the table. (to set; to sit) 4. The boy ____________ in the chair. (to set; to sit) 5. The chicken ____________ an egg. (to lay; to lie) 6. I ____________ on the bed last night. (to lay; to lie) 7. They ____________ by the pool yesterday. (to set; to sit) 8. Please ____________ the window. (to r...
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