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12 yes this is the secretarys telephone 13 yes i saw

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Unformatted text preview: It stopped raining. 2. He cashed a traveler’s check. 3. She bought a T-shirt. 4. We drank some wine. 5. I forgot our appointment. 6. The waiter spoke to me. 7. They enjoyed the meal. 8. Her aunt left her the inheritance. 9. They saw my son. 10. 11. 12. 13. I opened the envelope. He read the will. That was my apartment. I had popcorn. Chapter 11 Questions in the Simple Past Tense 1. When did they accept credit cards? 2. When did you see me? 3. What did you rent? 4. What did you hold for me? 5. Where did she have breakfast? 6. When did they pay the rent? 7. When did he write the report? 8. How did he enjoy his meal? 9. When did she immigrate to the U.S.? 10. When did he arrive? 11. How did they seem? 12. When did she open the envelope? 13. What did he give them? Possessives 1. Yes, this is the attorney’s office. 2. No, this isn’t Mr. Young’s desk. 3. Yes, I know Mrs. Jones’s family. 4. No, this isn’t John’s daughter. 5. Yes, this is the family’s bank. 6. No, this isn’t the boy...
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