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13 the insurance which i have will pay for the

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Unformatted text preview: dinner when her friends arrived. She had never met her aunt until last week. She was living in San Francisco when I met her. They had waited five hours when the plane arrived. We became friends after she had moved to Chicago. Verbs Followed by Infinitives 1. She expected to get a phone call. 2. He wanted to play tennis. 3. I asked them to buy bread. 4. She agreed to meet us. 5. He called to make a reservation. 6. She wanted to visit the museum. 7. He asked her to take a picture. 8. They agreed to give us a lift. 9. He had to check the oil. 10. She expected us to stop by. 11. They forgot to add the detergent. 12. She wanted to rent a car. 13. I forgot to change money. 10. I’d like a brochure which will tell me more about Virginia. 11. She’s the secretary who has the report. 12. I’m touring the apartment which faces the pool. 13. This is my friend who immigrated to the U.S. Using “Whose” 1. The woman whose passport was stolen went to the police. 2. The man who moved to Atlanta was Mr...
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