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Unformatted text preview: ” 1. I forgot the date when you arrived. 2. This is the house where I grew up. 3. July 4, 1776 is when the Declaration of Independence was signed. 4. I’ll always remember the day when she was born. 5. Tuesday is the day when we will come. 6. The seat in which I am sitting is 12-C. 7. Cannery Row is where we’ll have lunch. 8. Friday is the day on which we will visit the aquarium. 9. Highway 1 is where you can drive for a view of the coastline. 10. Tomorrow is when I will take the scenic 17-Mile Drive. 11. The cottage where I am staying is the Hansel and Gretel cottage. 12. The date when I was born is January 5, 1973. 13. Wednesday is the day on which we will drive to the Lamp Lighter Inn. Chapter 25 “If... then” Constructions 1. REAL 2. REAL 3. UNREAL 4. UNREAL 5. UNREAL 6. REAL 7. REAL 8. UNREAL 9. UNREAL 10. REAL 11. REAL 12. UNREAL “If... then” Constructions 1. If you take Interstate 85, you’ll get there faster. 2. I’ll send some money, if you need it. 3. If I had more money, I’d go to Cali...
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