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2 you saw me yesterday when me 3 you rented

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Unformatted text preview: ng. —>Here is Mr. Young’s desk. —I know the family of Mrs. Jones. —>I know Mrs. Jones’s family. Note the change in word order when the -’s form is used. The owner is listed first, followed by the thing owned. EXERCISES Questions in the Simple Past Tense Create a question in the Simple Past using the statement. 1. They accepted credit cards last year. When _____________ credit cards? 2. You saw me yesterday. When _____________ me? 3. You rented an apartment. What _____________? 4. You held the apartment for me. What _____________ for me? 5. She had breakfast at the restaurant. Where _____________ breakfast? 6. They paid the rent today. When _____________ the rent? 7. He wrote the report yesterday. When _____________ the report? 8. He enjoyed his meal quite a lot. How _____________ his meal? 9. She immigrated to the U.S. two years ago. When _____________ to the U.S.? 10. He arrived last night. When _____________? 11. They seemed nice. How _____________? 12. She opened the envelope this morning. When ___...
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