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Learn To Speak English in 100 Days English Work book Great for Learning

3 could she take i 75 to tennessee 4 could john fill

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Unformatted text preview: lly has two secretaries. 12. She had both of her children with her. 13. I actually saw three deer. Using “a few,” “few,” “a little,” and “little” 1. NEGATIVE 2. POSITIVE 3. NEGATIVE 4. POSITIVE 5. POSITIVE 6. NEGATIVE 7. POSITIVE 8. NEGATIVE Chapter 16 The Causative Verbs “Have” and “Let” 1. She’s washing her clothes. 2. He’s getting his car filled up. 3. They’re painting their house. 4. She’s having her house cleaned. 5. He’s cleaning his kitchen. 6. He’s having his laundry washed. 7. She’s filling her car up. Using “Should” 1. URGENT 2. NOT URGENT 3. URGENT 4. NOT URGENT 5. NOT URGENT 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. URGENT NOT URGENT URGENT URGENT URGENT NOT URGENT NOT URGENT NOT URGENT Chapter 17 The Past Form of “Should” 1. I should have left earlier. 2. I should have made a reservation. 3. I should have filled up the car. 4. I should have studied more. 5. I should have rented a two-bedroom. 6. I should have done laundry yesterday. 7. I shou...
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