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3 they were going to drive to new york but now they

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Unformatted text preview: ectation: —They have been working hard. They should do well. (In this example, should means will probably.) The past form (should have) means that the speaker expected something that did not happen: —I haven’t heard anything from them. They should have called by now. EXERCISES Using “May” and “Might” Complete each sentence using “might” and the appropriate verb. 1. I don’t think she’ll study now, but she _____________ later. 2. He was going to take the train, but now he _____________ a car. 3. They were going to drive to New York, but now they _____________ to Washington. 4. Well, he won’t check your brakes, but he _____________ the oil. 5. They won’t give him a lift, but they _____________ him some money for the bus. 6. The attendant won’t clean your car, but he _____________. 7. They wont wash your curtains, but they _____________ your clothes. 8. She lives in Florida, so she wouldn’t fly to Alabama, but she _____________ to Virginia. 9. They don’t like to approv...
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