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4 i had never visited my aunt in san francisco until

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Unformatted text preview: ld” 2. She used to always visit the West Coast. — can be replaced by “would” 3. I used to be her favorite niece. — cannot be replaced by “would” 4. She used to always bring me gifts. — can be replaced by “would” 5. Her house used to be worth a lot of money. — cannot be replaced by “would” 6. We used to prepare lunch together. — can be replaced by “would” Chapter 21 Using Gerunds 1. She likes taking pictures. 2. They love going to the movies. 3. He likes playing tennis. 4. They love visiting the Smithsonian. 5. She likes driving. 6. He likes eating in restaurants. 7. She likes watching her kids play. 8. She likes listening to classical music. Using Gerunds 1. He turned off the television by pushing the button. 2. They got to the museum by driving their car. 3. She had the accident by not stopping at the traffic light. 4. He got rich by working very hard. 5. You get to the Lincoln Memorial by turning left at this street. 6. She got to Tennessee by flying there. 7. I got a c...
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