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4 since you didnt call i made other plans 5 he went

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Unformatted text preview: fornia. 4. If you drive on Interstate 1, you’ll see the coastline. 5. If I were rich, I’d buy a bigger house. 6. If you go to the supermarket, I’ll make dinner. 7. If I had more time, I’d make dinner tonight. 8. If you need to study, I’ll turn off the television. 9. If he’d moved to California, we would’ve visited him. 10. They would’ve been here earlier, if their flight hadn’t been delayed. 11. If I had more time, I’d wash my clothes. 12. If she visits the aquarium, we’ll go with her. 13. If I go to the bank, I’ll cash a traveler’s check. Chapter 26 Exclamations 1. What terrible weather! 2. How awful! 3. What a day! 4. What a mess! 5. How fascinating! 6. How quaint! 7. What a beautiful coastline! 8. How splendid! 9. What an interesting building! 10. What a jerk! 11. How lovely! 12. How great! Interrogatives in Dependent Clauses 1. Do you know where it is? 2. Do you know where I can cut off the water? 3. Do you know how the car works? 4. Do you see where the glasses are? 5. Do you know wher...
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