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6 were looking for the interstate goes to north

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Unformatted text preview: d learn how to combine short sentences using whose: —The woman is a talented artist. I saw her paintings. — The woman whose paintings I saw is a talented artist. EXERCISES The Relative Pronouns “Who”/”Which”/”That” Fill in the blank with either “who” or “which.” 1. He has an aunt _______ lives in San Francisco. 2. I have some luggage _______ I need to check. 3. He has a book _______ is fascinating. 4. I’m reading a newspaper _______ (which; who) I bought at the store. 5. She’s looking for the witness _______ saw the accident. 6. We’re looking for the interstate _______ goes to North Carolina. 7. He’s talking to the lady _______ was in the accident. 8. They want to talk to a person _______ can give them directions. 9. I have a friend _______ is an attorney. 10. I’d like a brochure _______ will tell me more about Virginia. 11. She’s the secretary _______ has the report. 12. I’m touring the apartment _______ faces the pool. 13. This is my friend _______ immigrated to the U.S. 76 Shared b...
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