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7 they enjoyed the meal 8 her aunt left her the

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Unformatted text preview: oin us for more...... Contact us: [email protected] www.itdunya.com Exercise Answers Object Pronouns 1. I see our friends. — them 2. They like wine. — it 3. Call the waiter. — him 4. The gift is for my daughter. — her 5. I’m buying a gift for my husband. — him 6. She’s buying a T-shirt. — it 7. I’ll buy some Milk Duds. — them 8. Did you call your wife? — her 9. I have a meeting with Mr. Jones. — him 10. He likes popcorn. — it 11. I like your son and daughter. — them 12. He has my passport. — it 13. Did you see Alex? — him 14. Do you know Mary? — her Chapter 10 Placement of Object Pronouns 1. I put it on the table. 2. Yes, I saw them. 3. Yes, he gave it to me. 4. Yes, she’s leaving it to me. 5. Yes, I saw her this morning. 6. Yes, they left it to him. 7. I met her in San Francisco. 8. I gave them to him yesterday. 9. Yes, he gave it to me. 10. I bought them at the mall. 11. Yes, I saw him. 12. Yes, he gave it to her. 13. He put it on the table. Irregular Verb Forms 1....
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