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8 she did not feel sick her fever 9

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Unformatted text preview: e which idea comes first and which second; the same rule applies for but / however / on the other hand. EXERCISES Expressing Opposition Choose either “although” or “despite” to complete the sentences. 1. ____________ the weather, we still went walking. 2. ____________ it was hot, we wore our coats. 3. They went skiing ____________ the warm temperatures. 4. She went to work ____________ she had a fever. 5. He rented the apartment ____________ the expensive utilities. 6. ____________ I had a toothache, the dentist didn’t remove my tooth. 7. I had the tooth removed ____________ the cost. 8. She did not feel sick ____________ her fever. 9. ____________ the carpet wasn’t very dirty, we still had it cleaned. 10. ____________ he was in Monterey, he didn’t visit the aquarium. 11. He felt sleepy ____________ the coffee. 12. We drove to Georgia ____________ the terrible traffic. 13. ____________ I filled up the tank, I still ran out of gas. 91 Shared by www.itdunya.com ITDunya.com Great Learnin...
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