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8 when he retires he will have been working here for

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Unformatted text preview: iting for an hour when the doctor arrived. 2. When he retires, he will have been working here for fifty years. 3. They had been watching television for three hours when I called. 4. She will have been sleeping eight hours when she wakes up. 5. John has been calling me since yesterday, and I still haven’t talked to him. 6. I had been on the road for two days when I arrived in Washington. 7. When he arrives, he will have been travelling for three days. 8. She has been wanting to check her oil for a week, and she still hasn’t done it. 9. He has been reading that book for two weeks and he still hasn’t finished it. 10. When they move out next week, they will have been living in that apartment for two years. 11. I had been cleaning the house for an hour when John called. 12. She had been washing clothes for an hour when Sue came home. 13. I have been washing clothes all day and I’m still not finished. 10. 11. 12. Formation of the Perfect Progressive Tenses 1. She will have been sleeping eight hours w...
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