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Despite since down 11 youll find the diet coke

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Unformatted text preview: _________ the hotel. (like; into; in) 7. The wife went to the movies _________________ her husband. (without; from; through) 8. He likes to read the newspaper _________________ breakfast. (despite; during; since) 9. I would like popcorn _________________ butter. (by; with; in) 10. _________________ the scorching weather, he’s going to Atlanta. (Despite; Since; Down) 11. You’ll find the Diet Coke ________________ the Cherry Coke and Classic Coke. (for; between; along) 12. This wine is _________________ California. (from; off; out) 13. The girl is going _________________ the boy. (through; toward; throughout) Two-Word Verbs Complete the sentences using the correct two-word verbs. Use the simple present tense. 1. The meeting is tomorrow. _____________ over these reports tonight. 2. It’s too loud in here. _____________ down the radio. 3. You finished your paper. _____________ it in. 4. Your appointment is Tuesday. _____________ up at 9:00. 5. You finished your phone call. _____________ up the phone. 6. I...
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