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Does he have twenties 9 can they change a hundred

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Unformatted text preview: me areas 13. a conversation Contractions 1. They’ve already left. 2. We’re leaving. 3. She is going to the U.S. 4. You’re going through Customs. 5. I am a citizen. 6. He’s at the airport. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. We’ve gone through Immigration. You have received the letter. I’ve already gone through Customs. They are leaving. He’s already left. I’m going to the airport. You are American. Chapter 2 Numbers (1–100) 1. one 2. three 3. twelve 4. seventy-nine 5. twenty 6. twenty-eight 7. thirty-four 8. forty-five 9. fifty-seven 10. sixty-one 11. eleven 12. fifteen 13. six Asking Questions 1. Do they like this bank? 2. Do you have a passport? 3. Can we change money here? 4. Does she understand English? 5. Can we look for a bank? 6. Do you like this hotel? 7. Does the teller have traveler’s checks? 8. Does he have twenties? 9. Can they change a hundred dollar bill? 10. They would like to go to the hotel. 11. Does she want to change some money? 12. Does she arrive tomorrow? 13. Would he like...
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