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Exercises using where choose the best word to

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Unformatted text preview: a noun of time (i.e., a day, week, month, etc.) In time clauses, it is also possible to use that or which preceded by a preposition: —I forgot the date that you arrived. —I forgot the date on which you arrived. No preposition is needed with that. 78 Shared by www.itdunya.com ITDunya.com Great Learning Urdu Web Forum Come and join us for more...... Contact us: [email protected] www.itdunya.com Chapter 24 Note how two sentences are combined using when: —I’ll always remember the day she was born. She was born then (on that day). —I’ll always remember the day when she was born. EXERCISES Using “Where” Choose the best word to complete the sentence using “which” or “where.” 1. The building ___________ they work is new. 2. The apartment in ___________ they live faces the pool. 3. The seat ___________ you are sitting in is an aisle seat. 4. The place ___________ we are staying is beautiful, 5. The town ___________ I grew up is small. 6. The store in ___________ I bought the m...
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