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For the clue near use either this or these for the

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Unformatted text preview: d. (not badly, although you will hear this) —My salad tastes good. (not well) NOTE: Adjectives are used because attention is being drawn to the quality of the noun or pronoun subject, not to the verb. If you said She smells well instead of She smells good, you would be emphasizing her ability to smell something, not how she smells. EXERCISES Demonstrative Adjectives and Pronouns Choose the correct demonstrative adjective according to the clues in parentheses. For the clue near, use either this or these, for the clue far use either that or those, as appropriate. 1. I’d like some of ______________ popcorn. (far) 2. ______________ apartment is nice. (near) 3. ______________ Milk Duds taste good. (near) 4. ______________ building is in Atlanta. (far) 5. ______________ tourists are from the U.S. (far) 6. ______________ apartments are air conditioned. (near) 7. ______________ are today’s specials. (near) 8. ______________ is a Cherry Coke. (near) 9. ______________ one is a Diet Coke. (fa...
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