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He change to get already 5 she

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Unformatted text preview: sentences in the present perfect tense using the elements in parentheses. Use contractions where appropriate. 1. She ___________________ her clothes. (to wash; already) 2. He ___________________ some detergent. (to borrow; just) 3. She ___________________ her clothes. (to finish; drying) 4. He ___________________ change. (to get; already) 5. She ___________________ her laundry. (to finish) 6. He ___________________ change. (to forget; to bring) 7. He ___________________ to the grocery store. (to go; already) 8. She ___________________ an apartment. (to rent; already) Reflexive Pronouns Complete the following phrases with a reflexive pronoun, where appropriate. If no reflexive pronoun is needed, leave the blank empty. 1. Peter and Mary are not bringing their laundry away. They are washing their clothes ___________________. 2. Mary is trying to get a present for her kids. She’s looking at T-shirts ___________________. 3. Peter wants to give his girlfriend a present. He’s buying a ticket for Mary ______________...
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