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I speak spanish i gave the flower to my mother to

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Unformatted text preview: on coordinating conjunction definite article demonstrative adjective demonstrative pronoun dependent clause dependent infinitive phrase ending exclamatory expression future it is = it's we are = we're I cooked and my sister washed the dishes. the house this house I don’t like that. Is this the book he gave you? I had to take a taxi in order to reach the airport. Bob cleaned the kitchen. I called Mary last night. listened singing Appendices direct object A form produced by the shortening of a syllable, word, or word group by leaving out a sound or letter. A conjunction that links independent clauses or sentences. (see also “subordinating conjunction”) A word used to indicate a specific item (person, thing, or idea), an idea that is modified in some fashion or an item that stands for all objects of its kind. An adjective or article word that indicates, shows, or points out the noun it modifies. A pronoun that replaces a noun or noun phrase that is indicated, shown, or pointed out. (see “subordinate clause”) A dependent phrase which uses the infinitive of a verb and “to” or “in order to” to...
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