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Id like to take a look at the bedrooms and bath here

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Unformatted text preview: ter is, but not the gas and electricity. That’s a little more than I wanted to pay. Thanks anyway. Hello, Breezeway Manor Apartments, how may I help you? Do you have a furnished, two-bedroom apartment in the $400 range? Why yes, you’re in luck. One just came open today. It goes for $450 per month, including water. Is it on the first or second floor? The first floor. It’s very close to our swimming pool. Shall I hold it for you? I’ll need one month’s rent as a deposit as soon as possible. Yes, please do. I’ll be right over. 121 Shared by www.itdunya.com ITDunya.com Great Learning Urdu Web Forum Come and join us for more...... Contact us: afridi@itdunya.com PART 2: DIALOGUES AND VOCABULARY www.itdunya.com CHAPTER 12 Story 2nd Manager Alex 2nd Manager Alex Alex 2nd Manager 2nd Manager Alex 2nd Manager 2nd Manager 2nd Manager Alex Alex Alex 2nd Manager Alex 2nd Manager 2nd Manager Good morning. Are you ready to see the apartment? Yes. Let’s go inside. We’ll start with the kitchen and dining...
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