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Leave the hotel 12 lets leave the hotel 13 wave at

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Unformatted text preview: owly than the limo driver. 8. The bus goes farther than the shuttle. 9. She is prettier than her sister. 10. John drives worse than Paul. 11. Paul drives more carefully than John. 12. New York is more exciting than Atlanta. 13. I drive better than my brother. Information Questions 1. Whose book is this? 2. Where is Atlanta? 3. What time is it? 4. When are you leaving? 5. Who is John? 6. What is a shuttle bus? 7. Who is that man? 8. Why are you going to the bank? 9. 10. 11. 12. Where is the airport? This is my luggage? When is your flight? Which bus goes downtown? Chapter 4 Imperatives (The Command Form) 1. Take the elevator! 2. Let’s take the luggage! 3. Go to the airport! 4. Let’s go to the hotel! 5. Ask the agent! 6. Let’s ask the agent! 7. Catch a bus! 8. Let’s catch a bus! 9. Change some money! 10. Let’s change some money! 11. Leave the hotel! 12. Let’s leave the hotel! 13. Wave at the driver! Possessive Adjectives 1. It’s my visa. 2. That’s their luggage. 3. It’s his credit card. 4. It’s her room. 5. It’s our estate. 6. I...
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