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Shes her car to fill

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Unformatted text preview: t) 4. The maid is dusting the furniture, while Linda is watching TV. She’s ___________________ her house ___________________. (to clean) 5. Peter is scrubbing the floor. He’s ___________________ the kitchen ___________________. (to clean) 6. John drops of a basket of clothes at the laundry. He’s ___________________ his clothes ___________________. (to wash) 7. Tricia is at the gas station, holding the gas pump in her hands. She’s ___________________ her car ___________________. (to fill up) Using “Should” Decide whether the statement is URGENT or NOT URGENT. 1. You’d better fill up your car right now, or you’ll run out of gas. ____________ 2. He should fill out this form if he wants credit. ____________ 3. Fred had better not drink any more wine, or he’ll be very sick. ____________ 4. We ought to have our mail forwarded while we’re out of town. ____________ 5. John ought to visit his aunt. ____________ 6. You’d better finish that report, or you’ll lose your job. ____________ 7. We shou...
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