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Learn To Speak English in 100 Days English Work book Great for Learning

Tag questions 1 youre going to the restaurant arent

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Unformatted text preview: No, I don’t have traveler’s checks. 5. No, he doesn’t take a bath. 6. No, we don’t have a telephone. 7. No, they don’t speak English. 8. No, I don’t need a room. 9. No, I don’t pay with a credit card. 10. No, we don’t catch a bus. 11. No, she doesn’t go downtown. 12. No, he doesn’t have any luggage. 13. No, I don’t have any fifties. Possessive Pronouns 1. It’s mine. 2. It’s his. 3. It’s hers. 4. It’s theirs. 5. It’s yours. 6. It’s mine. 7. They’re ours. 8. They’re his. 9. It’s hers. 10. It’s yours. 11. It’s ours. 12. It’s theirs. 13. It’s hers. Chapter 6 The future tense 1. He’ll get you something to drink. 2. We’ll have a salad. 3. I’ll drink some wine. 4. You’ll prepare a meal. 5. She’ll hand me a glass. 6. They’ll order a meal. 7. We’ll hear about the specials. 8. You’ll finish the meal. 9. I’ll watch television. 10. She’ll read the newspaper. 11. He’ll use the telephone. 12. You’ll dial the number. 13. They’ll...
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