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The car was rented yesterday 7 we rented

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Unformatted text preview: omitted in a passive sentence. The passive is used mainly when it is not known or not important to know who was responsible for the action: —The house was built in 1960. (The by phrase is left out because it is understood that builders built the house). EXERCISES The Passive Voice Decide whether the statement is ACTIVE or PASSIVE. 1. The girl washes her clothes. ________________ 2. The prescription was written by the doctor. ________________ 3. She buys the pills at the drugstore. ________________ 4. The patient is helped by the nurse. ________________ 5. The plumber cuts off the valve. ________________ 6. The car was rented yesterday. ________________ 7. We rented the car yesterday. ________________ 8. The pills were bought at the drugstore. ________________ 9. He made a reservation at the hotel. ________________ 10. The call was charged to her hotel room. ________________ 11. They ordered their meal. ________________ 12. Their meal was served by the waiter. ________________ 88 Shared by www.itdunya.com...
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