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Use an in front of words beginning with vowels and

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Unformatted text preview: ea the card a card the hotel a hotel the restaurant a restaurant the people some people the signs some signs Note that definite articles refer to something specific, while indefinite articles refer to something nonspecific. Use an in front of words beginning with vowels and some with plural nouns. CONTRACTIONS You will want to learn how to use contractions as soon as possible. Contractions are used constantly in informal English. Examples of contracted subject/verb forms are: TO BE: TO HAVE: I am—>I’m I have—>I’ve he is—>he’s we have—>we’ve we are—>we’re you have—>you’ve you are—>you’re they have—>they’ve they are—>they’re Contractions are frequently used with compound forms of verbs, especially the progressive or continuous form of the present tense (I’m going. / We’re leaving.) and the present perfect forms (I’ve received the letter. / They’ve already left.). A later lesson will deal with the compound forms of ver...
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